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About Me!

In 2004, I made a shift from Kenya to the United States. Here, my journey began with numerous opportunities to work in different fields like assembly, driving, security, and so on. While attending a part-time school as a pharmacist in my home city and working as site manager, I thought to start a small business of transportation taxi/limousine. Over the years, the transportation company became the foundation for my career as a transportation business marketer and communication professional with customer relations marketing.

With a few years of experience in the transportation field, I successfully had a community under my belt. Also, I took up an affiliate program with several companies. But sooner, the days turned to lesser profit in transportation business as Uber arrived in the market that maximized the competition.

I realized earlier to make a move and started a new venture of online business as an Affiliate. My know-how of business helped me to understand the importance of marketing of products and services of other companies. This gave rise to “The Giant Solution” which promotes other businesses and gets rewarded in return of this service. The wide range of digital products and online information helps the customers to get exactly what they need.

My vision is to build ultimate customer relationships where they get a timely response to their needs, apt answers to their questions and attention on their demands all the time. This trade creates a family that is interconnected to each other’s business growth. My motivation to work on top of my potential is to support my family and give it back to my community. Hence, my customers’ satisfaction is crucial and indispensable to me!

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